On the Line: Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers

C3 On the Line series bets the Carolina Panthers line and discusses the literal stakes on the line. CarolinaCatChronicles.com On the Line is not betting advice, but a means for football discussion.

It’s early and optimism abounds.  The high-powered Detroit Lions face the Carolina Panther on Sunday in the proverbial battle between offense and defense.  The line currently has Carolina as a small favorite, but given the traditional 3pt home-field advantage, this game is basically a pick’em. There’s more than points, however, On the Line for the Carolina Panthers than a few points.  A win against this profile offense would go long way to proving the Panthers season potential.

As of 9/12/14

All Bets Are In:

Professor’s Bet: Carolina Panthers -3  (Taking the Under 44)
It’s a pick’em, and I pick Carolina. Sunday’s match is a statement game for this defense. Calvin Johnson is a force that can’t be stopped. He’s going to get his tomorrow no matter what. Carolina’s front four will maul a banged up Detroit offensive line, and limit Detroit’s production to only CJ. If Detroit has to start UDFA Cornelius Lucas against Greg Hardy, look for Stafford to have a tough day. Add to that Detroit’s trouble in the secondary, and Cam’s return could make for an exciting display. I’m thinking Carolina will put up more points than usual and suppress Detroit’s offense. 27-17 Carolina.
Justin Raymond’s Bet: Detroit taking the points (Taking the Over 44)

My earlier prediction of this game has the Detroit Lions winning 28-17, and I am sticking with this. The Lions offense can score and the Lions defensive line is powerful. I am not saying that the Panthers don’t have a chance at winning, but this game will be a true test to what the Panthers will be a capable of this season.

Commish’s Bet: (Taking the Over 44)

Detroit’s high-powered offense collides with Carolina’s D in Charlotte. Defense wins this one as the Lions are a dome team playing on the road and facing the best defensive front they’ll likely see all year. Matt Stafford’s mobility may allow him to get some balls down the field, and they’ll certainly score some points, but beyond Detroit’s defensive line, there isn’t much there. Derek Anderson did a fine job last week, but he’s no Cam. The Carolina zone defense means eyes on the QB and if he scrambles, he’ll take away half the field by himself. Double Megatron, and Stafford will have to be more patient and methodical than he likes to be. Bush and Bell will find the yardage tough...other than short pass dump-offs. Megatron will still get his 7-100-1 line but the Panthers have the Sentinel in Kelvin Benjamin, who will negate a lot of Megatron’s production with some of his own. The Lions’ streak of 12 games without allowing a rushing TD ends. After a late Lions’ surge, Carolina takes it 27-24, taking the “over” here.

Mel Mayock Bet Carolina -3 (taking the over 44)
Before the season I picked this as a W for our beloved Panthers. Then I watched Calvin Johnson run roughshod over the Giant’s secondary and I had to rethink things. Here’s my prediction: Cam come’s in a bit rusty, goes three and out and the Lions take an early lead. But did you see Monster, Inc! Sunday? And I don’t mean my Fantasy Football team. As the game goes on, look for the Detroit running game to be severely limited by Star and KK. And with a 3rd- string RT, I look for our pass-rush to get to Stafford and for our D to take over. So long as Cam evens out and doesn't get pounded by Donkey Kong Suh, we should take over late and win pretty big. Carolina 31-20 is how I see this one playing out.