C3 On the Line: Carolina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks


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series bets the Carolina Panthers line and discusses the stakes of the game in the context of the Panthers season. CarolinaCatChronicles.com's 

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Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers 

Seattle -5.5 (45O/U)

The stakes are higher than they should be.  It’s not embarrassing to be dogs at home to the World Champions.  Nobody believed this was going to be an easy game.  That’s what we said about Green Bay last week, however.  The Packers impaled the Carolina Panthers.  It wasn’t a game, it was an annihilation of such epic proportions it didn’t matter how good the team was that delivered it.  The nature of the loss made this game against the Seahawks do or die.  Another loss of such proportions will decimate fans’ hope for this team.      

All Bets Are In:

Professor’s Bet: Seahawks -5   (Taking the Over 45) 

It’s hard to write off last week as just a poor performance.  Things have been bad for Carolina, real bad.  The Panthers defense amongst the NFL’s worst at #27.  Carolina allows 137.6 ypg on the ground, with teams averaging a nauseating 5.3 yds per carry. It gets worse when you start to think about the 27.9 points per game Carolina allows.  The Panthers entire business plan is predicated on stopping the run and getting stingy in the redzone.  That isn’t happening, and, with Marshawn Lynch coming to town, things could get ugly.  What worries me about this game the most is not losing after a rough couple of weeks.  It is only the World Champions, but I'm not sure how Carolina can psychologically endure another blowout.  There's a lot

On the Line

 this week, much more than their should be the Panthers. They'll need to keep it close if they can't win outright to prevent this season from spiraling out of control.  

27-20 Seahawks

Commish’s Bet: Seahawks -5 (Taking the Over 45)  

We knew they were a-comin. The reigning world champs. This was supposed to be a “marquee matchup” for this week but both teams are really beating that humdrum drum. I don’t know that there’s another matchup that could BE more humdrum than the Seahawks (3-3) at Panthers (3-3-1) this week. The fact is the Seahawks’ FB, Derrick Coleman, is out for the second game in a row with a broken hand. His absence was what ultimately cost Seattle a win at the Rams last week, having broken it mere minutes before game time. Long story short, it means less Beast Mode this week and more Mighty Mouse. Indeed, Russell Wilson became the first player in NFL history to pass for 300+ yards AND run for 100+ yards in the same game. Sorry, Cam. However, the ‘Hawks have had a week to adjust without Beast Mode’s lead blocker and the Panthers’ run defense is completely atrocious this season, giving up an NFL-worst 5.3 yds/carry. Look for Seattle to use more single-back sets or with a TE as the FB to take advantage. The Panthers have major injury issues on both the offensive line and at running back and cannot run nor stop the run. ‘Nuff said.  31-23, Seahawks 

PanthersDrafter’s Bet: Seahawks +5.5   (Taking the Over 45) 

Like last week, our Panthers do have a shot and I hope I have it wrong here.  To win this one we must gain our swagger or mojo back.  Right now, we are not playing with confidence and confidence is everything in this league.  To win, we have to put pressure on Wilson and keep him in the pocket.  We also must attack their LBs and run plenty of quick slants and screens.  Now if we can get a couple of turnovers while not turning it over we can do this.  But the way we are playing I’ can say that we will.  31-20 Seahawks. (I just threw up in my mouth writing this prediction)