Get to Know Prospect Shawn Oakman

Conventional wisdom says the Panthers need to grab either a Left Tackle or a Corner Back in the next NFL Draft.  One thing to remember (and that I hold fast to) is you fill team-needs through Free Agency and you take the Best Player Available when your team is on the clock.

We are hurting a bit right now because we do not have the cap-flexibility to address our needs.  But we will soon and we can not hurt our team long term by passing on talent for the sake of need.  For example, some thought that in 1998 the Colts would be ok at QB with Jim Harbaugh and that they really needed to address their Defense.  So did it really make sense to take the young Peyton Manning 1st overall?  Many said it would have made sense to draft Andre Wadsworth (who went 3rd overall to the Cardinals) or Grant Wistrom (who went 6th overall to the Rams?).  No, it would not have made sense.  When you have the chance, you take the best player on the board. With or without the Kraken, we shouldn't hesitate to to draft a monster at DE if he happens to be the best talent on the board.  So take a moment and check out this prospect that has caught my eye and is someone you should watch for the remainder of the season and see if he comes out early.

Shawn Oakman has size that you can't coach.  6-9/285 lbs.  He started out at Penn St. and transferred to Baylor.  This is his first year as a starter and through the first 7 games of the season he has 27 tackles and 5 sacks.  He seems to have a relentless motor and will only get better.  Check him out when you get a chance. I would love to see him in Carolina and help us bring the bite back in our Defense.

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