Knee-Jerk Reaction to the Melt Down in Wisconsin

Sometimes you feel like you are in a bad dream about being in a car wreck.  That is what today felt like.  What makes things worse for me is this should not have happened.  On that opening drive, we had them on a 3rd and 12.  Then there was an off-sides penalty that the replay clearly shows that they jumped and not us.  But we were penalized.  Should have been 3rd and 17.  Instead, 3rd and 7 and we then proceeded to shoot ourselves in the foot.  We jumped off sides legitimately and made it 3rd and 2.  Then Rodgers found Nelson for a 59 yard TD.  Roman Harper wiffed and Nelson went the distance. Had it been 3rd and and 17 instead of 3rd and 2, this COULD have been a different game.  Then in the 2nd half and we went for it on 4th and 1, I contend we clearly had that first down.  Who knows what could have happened there.  I'm not saying we would have won, but we should not have been blown out.  Cam was off early, and to only have 5 yards in the Q1 is inexcusable.  And was that Ref seriously putting his hands on Luke and then kicking him out for it? Was he paid in cheese or what?

But I do contend to make the playoffs, we have to beat the Saints.  But the they just did all they could to lose to the Lions which they did 24-23 after a Brees interception.   So who has more issues, us or the Saints?  So we still have a chance and the sun will come up tomorrow.  But boy do we have issues.  The good news is so does Seattle who comes to Charlotte next week and so do the rest of the NFC South.  Chin up Panther fans.  Other team's troubles are keeping us afloat.  Keep Pounding.

Mel Mayock