NFC Playoff Picture

It’s more than a quarter of the way through the 2014 NFL season, even NFL experts don’t know what’s going to happen.  That is why the play the games right?  Here’s a quick peek at the playoff picture from the Carolina Panther’s perspective. 

The Division:

The easiest way to make the playoffs is by winning your division.  After the first five games of season, our Panthers are sitting in First Place all by themselves.  3-2 is not a great record and I don’t believe we can count on others continuing to crumble.  I hope New Orleans continues to look pedestrian on Offense, but you have to believe they will turn that around.  I also hope Atlanta continues their struggles.  And until proven otherwise, the Bucs are the Bucs.  But I’m thinking 10-6 wins this Division, so that means we must win seven out of our last 11 games. We must win at least one of the next three games that look to be treacherous (at Cinci, at Green Bay and vs. Seattle).  But of the four NFC South teams, the Champ is still sitting in the Catbird seat.

The Conference:

If the Playoffs started today, we would be the Third Seed in the NFC.  Which means we would be hosting the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks for a Wild Card game.  We will get a sneak peek at that matchup come Week 8 in Charlotte.  We also get a crack at the Number One team in the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles, later this season on Monday Night Football.  There is a long way to go, but as of right now, the Panthers are in a good spot for the playoffs.  These next three games will tell us if we are ready.

By +Panther Drafter aka Mel Mayock
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