On the Line: Panthers at Bengals

C3 On the Line series bets the Carolina Panthers line and discusses the stakes of the game in the context of the Panthers season. CarolinaCatChronicles.com On the Line is not betting advice, but a means for football discussion.

Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals -7 (43.5 O/U)

The circumstances characterizing this game have more to do with the Cincinnati Bengals this week.  The Bengals were destroyed on Sunday night football by the New England Patriots.  Prior to last week, the Bengals defense had been dominant.  This week they will certainly look to bounce back against the Panthers.  

Carolina, on the other hand, had an uplifting comeback win against the Chicago Bears.  Cam and the offense were efficient and the defense bounced backed in the 2nd half, putting up 24 points and holding the Bears to 3 points.     

All Bets Are In:

Professor’s Bet: Panthers +7   (Taking the Under 43.5)
Originally, I thought the Bengals were going to win this game, and likely by more than 7 points.  AJ Green, however, went down in practice from a bad case of the turf toe and looks to be sitting out this Sunday.  His absence is a huge break for the Panthers, one they can capitalize on and cover this spread. This is such an important loss for the Bengals offense, that Carolina can do better than cover, however--they can win outright.  This looks to pan out to a defensive showdown, where Cam and Dalton will have to settle this head-to-head.  Turnovers will be the determinant of which one prevails.  17-13 Carolina

Commish’s Bet: Panthers +7 (Under the 43.5)  

Few Non-QB personnel losses in the NFL “move the line” like losing a star play of A.J. Green’s caliber, and last week’s loss at New England proved Cincy isn’t invincible after all. The last undefeated team to lose, the Bengals (gosh I still can’t believe we’re talking about the Bengals in these terms after decades of futility) are also playing with a Geno Atkins not at 100%. With Carolina’s running back group down to bare bones, that’s a gift the Panthers will take. The Bengals will be looking to avenge their first loss while the Panthers should be confident on the road and play hard until the final gun. Green’s loss means no dominant single playmaker on their offense while the defense still remains solid in any case. I think the Bengals win at home, but they’re really going to have to earn it. 21-17, Cincy

Freakin’ Puerto Rican’s Bet Panthers +7   (Taking the Under 43.5)
Last week we had a big win. Cam yelling at the players to get them focused is what I really liked about the win. Intestinal fortitude is what Carolina showed last week. This Sunday we will need more of the same. This Cincinnati team is a talented group. Prior to the Patriots drubbing, the Bengals were being touted as one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the NFL. Despite that fact, I still thought the Panthers to be capable of winning this game. Now with the news AJ Green is unlikely to play I feel even stronger about the chances for a Panthers win.

Carolina will win this game in the trenches. If they can get the running game going, and can keep Cam upright for most of the game, then they can win. Same goes for the defense. The D- line will need to stop the run and generate enough pressure to make Dalton uneasy in the pocket.

I say take the Panthers in this one, to win outright. I see the score being something around 20-17 so I would take the under too. Carolina has not looked good against AFC North teams to this point in the season, but they have a chance to establish some momentum in this one.

The Panthers are coming into the toughest part of their schedule and a win against Cincy would go a long way to giving this Carolina team continued confidence as the schedule gets more difficult. 20-17 Panthers

PanthersDrafter’s Bet: Bengals -7   (Taking the Over 43.5)

Our Panthers do have a shot and I hope I have it wrong here.  But if you don’t look at this through Panther glasses, you’ll see the odds are against us.  The Bengals are 10-1 at home vs. NFC opponents since 2011 and they are getting their Pro Bowl Middle-Linebacker back this week.  Plus they will come out with a focus to erase the memories of last week.  Yes, Green is out and that will help.  But Giovanni Bernard is the key to this offense and Sanu is an emerging star.  Hope I’m wrong Panther Nation. 31-20 Bengals

Justin Raymond’s Bet: Panthers +7  (Taking the Under 43.5)

I picked the Carolina Panthers to win this game 28-10 back in August, and I am sticking to that game prediction. The Bengals are banged up on both sides of the ball, so this is the perfect opportunity for the Panthers to get the win. The Panthers defense won't have to worry about A.J. Green, so they can increase the pressure on Andy Dalton. Pressuring Dalton could result in a few turnovers and get Carolina Panthers in scoring position! 28-10 Panthers