Win Probability at the Half: Bears at Panthers

This is three consecutive weeks that the +Carolina Panthers go into the locker room trailing at the half.  It's been a sloppy game, where turnovers have turned into touchdowns and missed blocks run the Panthers Bell.  As dazed as Josh Norman, the Panthers finally caught a breath with defensive stand, ending in a missed field goal by Chicago. As the Panthers defense gasped for breath on the sideline, a determined Cam Newton marched Carolina down field for a touchdown pass to a limping Greg Olsen.

The Panthers were on the ropes for most of first half, but landed a solid counter-punch to end the round.  The Panthers, cornerman Ron Rivera, will need to inspire some steely composure, toughness, and some fight before they tap gloves to start the second half.

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10/5/2014 Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers box score at