Panther's Roster Comparison: 2012-13 Baltimore Ravens

Panther's Roster Comparison: 2012-13 Baltimore Ravens

I share the opinion that the current Carolina Panthers roster is close to being very very good. I also believe it can be one that could possibly make a deep playoff run as soon as this year. I’ve chosen to compare our current roster to the one the Baltimore Ravens trotted out on the field for Super Bowl XLVII. Though comparing current rosters to ones of the past isn’t a fair judgement, it should give us a view into how talented our current team is.

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Win Probability at Half: Panthers at Ravens

It's not been fun to be a Panthers fan.  Steve Senior Citizen Smith has torched the Panthers for 122 yds and 2 TDs.  Carolina's defense has been less that intimidating, and the offense hasn't put up enough points to keep up.  Carolina's woes will probably continue if this Panthers front four doesn't start to produce. Although Steve Smith steals the headline, Baltimore has really just dominated all facets of the game.  Justin Forset has 61 yards and a TD.  Carolina's offensive line looks like it would struggle against the Maryland Terrapins, let alone a pro team.  What kind of adjustments do you make at this point?  Well, Riverboat Ron better become PsychoPath Ron and tell this team to stop doing what they've been doing and make some plays.

9/28/2014 Carolina Panthers vs. Baltimore Ravens box score at

C3 Podcast: Blood and Guts (Week 4)

Tune in at 10 pm
C3 Crew in the anguish of the Week 3 prime time beat-down administered by the +Pittsburgh Pirates to the +Carolina Panthers , the Crew will sift through the Blood and Guts to see if the Panthers can bounce back against the +Baltimore Ravens .  There were blood in guts all over the field, and Steve Smith has forecasted more in Baltimore....will it be bird blood or Panther guts.  Guest Host +Jason Oppel from