Julius Peppers May Not Make It Back To The Carolina Panthers.

There'a been a lot of talk since the season has ended of former Panthers great Julius Peppers rejoining the team once he hits free agency. Recent news supports that hope for the reunion may have just gotten a little further away.

Julius Peppers agent Carl Carey recently told ESPN that he has spoken to the Packers recently about a deal that would keep Peppers in Green Bay. This coming after Carey announced Peppers intent to continue playing according to Pro Football Talk.

“Julius, after taking some time to reflect during the off season, has decided that he still has the desire and enthusiasm for the game, and his intention is to play a 16th NFL season,” Carey said, via ESPN.com.


Peppers, 36, has shown that he can still get to the quarterback as a role player on defense. He has totaled 25 sacks (7.5 in 2016) and 8 forced fumbles (2 in 2016) over the last three seasons with the Packers.

Before signing with Green Bay prior to the 2014 season, Peppers was reportedly real close to signing with Carolina until Green Bay called and offered him a spot to play as a 3-4 stand up linebacker. "I've been waiting my whole life to do that," Peppers said. The rest was history.

Many Panthers fans are hoping for a reunion at a position that could use another pass rush presence. If this recent report holds true, Peppers may want to stay in Green Bay in his current 3-4 role.

Written By Tripp Morgan

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Article photo by Jesse Fraetis Photography.

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