FFL Participants Need to be Careful Drafting Panthers in 2017

FFL Participants Need to be Careful Drafting Panthers in 2017

The C3FF Mega-League is around the corner and more importantly, so is the unveiling of the "new look Carolina Panthers" -- especially on offense -- which is exactly why those who want to dominate their FFLs of ANY sort need to look for VALUE in Carolina's players' picks...especially in 2017.

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One Position Holding The Panthers Back in 2017

One Position Holding The Panthers Back in 2017

There is a lot to be excited about as a Carolina Panthers fan in 2017.  The season is full of promise with major upgrades on both sides of the ball. However, there is one position on offense that is a glaring weakness that could hold the team back. They say you are only...

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Could Olsen’s Call for New Contract Open the Door for Gary Barnidge?

Could Olsen’s Call for New Contract Open the Door for Gary Barnidge?

Greg Olsen wants his contract restructured.  It’s not a secret. He hasn’t made it a thing yet, but when asked about being the 7th overall paid tight end, he’s been honest in his belief that he deserves to be compensated based on his productivity. He’s got a point too. He’s been the league’s most consistent tight end over the past five years. He hasn’t missed a game since becoming a Panther and he is Cam’s favorite target. 

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Ryan Kalil, Greg Olsen, and Luke Kuechly Spoof Cam Newton's Birthday Video

We all know that Ryan Kalil has a funny side, Greg Olsen has that inner white rapper thing going on, and it Luke Kuechly, well, looks good in a hat. Well these three guys went on a guys camping trip and decided to trip out and make a video spoofing Cam Newton's birthday video. These guys crushed it. Cam, sorry bro, these mugs got ya! If you like keeping it loose and having a good time, this vid is for you. I hope it's a signal of the fun these guys are going to have this season.

Cam forgot to invite us to his birthday getaway so we didn't invite him on our camping trip. #WeHadMoreFun

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By Tony Dunn
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Alabama Tight End O.J. Howard To Work Out With Panthers

Arguably the best tight end in the 2017 draft and fan favorite, O.J. Howard, is scheduled to work out with the Panthers.

Howard went into the combine at 6'6" and weighed 251 lbs, but was able to push out an impressive 4.51- 40 yard dash. Howard is almost assured to be a top 20 pick in the draft with his talent level. According to a report from NFL.com's Connor Orr, Howard is expecting to do a lot of in-line blocking drills with the Panthers, who happen to be his first private workout. Howard has also said he takes pride in blocking, which would play a big part if he were to be on the Panthers offense.

Many want to see the Panthers take Howard with the eighth overall pick, allowing for the offense to get back to 2011 form with the Olsen and Shockey duo while also grooming him behind one of the best tight ends in the NFL in Greg Olsen. This may sound good, but recent Rivera statements have hinted otherwise in a presser with Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

“You look at what we’ve got, it’s a very deep position for us right now,” Rivera said. “We like the young guys that are trying to be developed. They’re all young guys that fit what we do, know what we do. They’ve been around. So we feel pretty good about that ... but you never know.”

There's no doubt Howard would be a great addition to the Panthers and have some impact immediately, but the fact is there are more needs, some bigger, at other positions. 

Written By Tripp Morgan

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Article photo by Jesse Fraetis

Greg Olsen Makes NFL History


The Carolina Panthers very own Mr.Reliable has done it again.

With a 17 yard catch in the  second quarter, Greg Olsen became the first tight end in NFL history with three consecutive 1,000 yard receiving seasons. 

It should come as no surprise as Olsen has been Cam's favorite target since entering the NFL and Greg has been just as reliable.

With one game left in the season, Olsen could also hit a career high in receiving yards for the third consecutive season as well. He followed his first 1,000 yard campaign (1,008) in 2014 with a 1,104 yard performance last year helping the Panthers to a 15-1 season and Super Bowl 50 appearance.

Olsen also recorded his fourth straight season with 70 or more receptions.  

Written by Tripp Morgan-Follow Him On Twitter @TrippMorgan6

Photos by Jesse Fraetis of www.fraetisphotography.com

Greg Olsen Tells The NFL Where The Panthers Stand.

In the midst of a tough season, the chemistry in the Panthers locker room has been the most recent in popular talks in the media.

"Zero legitimacy. The thought of a divide in the locker room is nonsense. But it makes for a good story line in sports talk radio, etc," Olsen said.

Following Ron Rivera's benching of franchise quarterback and last years MVP Cam Newton, many believe there could be tension in the locker room. Olsen made it clear that's not the case.

If there's a player whose statement has any validity to it, it would be Olsen's.

Olsen has also once again been named the Panthers nominee for Walter Payton Man of the Year Award for the second consecutive season following Panthers Thomas Davis winning it in 2014. He's a proven veteran that's been in the Panthers locker room since 2011 through the ups and downs. 

There's been no evidence otherwise to say any different.

Written By Tripp Morgan. Follow him on Twitter @TrippMorgan6

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Quarter Report: How the Wide Receivers are Faring

Quarter Report: How the Wide Receivers are Faring

It seems it takes forever for the NFL season to arrive, and no time at all before it ends. We are already through 25% of the regular season, and just five teams remain undefeated. Luckily we are one of the five, and are possibly poised for a deep playoff run. The Panthers’ wide receiver corp has been in the spot light seemingly forever, and the the beam got more intense when Kelvin Benjamin went down with injury. Here are some stats showing how they've done thus far, and projections on how they will do down the stretch.

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Big Plays and Big Penalties the Story of Carolina's Win Over Saints

Big Plays and Big Penalties the Story of Carolina's Win Over Saints

Carolina’s defense really couldn’t have played much worse today. With Drew Brees out and Luke McCown behind one of the league’s worst offensive line, most thought the defense would be the hero’s this week. Certainly, few thought that it would be the offense and big plays downfield would be the story of the game. 

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