Carolina Panthers: The Need for Cohesion and Unity Along Offensive Line

Carolina Panthers: The Need for Cohesion and Unity Along Offensive Line

With Panthers fans hoping for a 2017 Championship run, so many things must go right. But the for the Offensive Line this is especially critical. Here are some of my thoughts concerning the 2017 Panthers offensive front.  

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'Bad Lip Reading' NFL 2017 With Cam Newton And More.

'Bad Lip Reading' is back and it seems to never fail.

Multiple Panthers players star in the newest video including Cam Newton and Ken Dorsey apparently playing a kids game on the sidelines with a tablet. Mike Remmers and Andrew Norwell also make an appearance.

Some of the funniest included Clay Matthews, Matt Ryan, and of course making fun of Tom Brady. Enjoy!

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Steve Smith Sr.'s Retirement Letter Will Go Down As One Of The Best.

Steve Smith finally called an end to his illustrious career after this season. Early this morning he posted his retirement letter on Twitter and it's in true Steve Smith Sr. fashion.


Smith finished his career with 1,031 Rec. for 14,731 yards and 81 touchdowns. He's the only player in league history with 1,000+ catches, 1,000+ punt return yards and 2,000+ kick return yards. He's also one of 14 players to hit 1,000 receptions in his career. Of the other 13 members in that 1,000 receptions club, six are in the Hall of Fame.

Steve Smith could certainly join them one day.

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Greg Olsen Makes NFL History


The Carolina Panthers very own Mr.Reliable has done it again.

With a 17 yard catch in the  second quarter, Greg Olsen became the first tight end in NFL history with three consecutive 1,000 yard receiving seasons. 

It should come as no surprise as Olsen has been Cam's favorite target since entering the NFL and Greg has been just as reliable.

With one game left in the season, Olsen could also hit a career high in receiving yards for the third consecutive season as well. He followed his first 1,000 yard campaign (1,008) in 2014 with a 1,104 yard performance last year helping the Panthers to a 15-1 season and Super Bowl 50 appearance.

Olsen also recorded his fourth straight season with 70 or more receptions.  

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Greg Olsen Tells The NFL Where The Panthers Stand.

In the midst of a tough season, the chemistry in the Panthers locker room has been the most recent in popular talks in the media.

"Zero legitimacy. The thought of a divide in the locker room is nonsense. But it makes for a good story line in sports talk radio, etc," Olsen said.

Following Ron Rivera's benching of franchise quarterback and last years MVP Cam Newton, many believe there could be tension in the locker room. Olsen made it clear that's not the case.

If there's a player whose statement has any validity to it, it would be Olsen's.

Olsen has also once again been named the Panthers nominee for Walter Payton Man of the Year Award for the second consecutive season following Panthers Thomas Davis winning it in 2014. He's a proven veteran that's been in the Panthers locker room since 2011 through the ups and downs. 

There's been no evidence otherwise to say any different.

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Rams See Eye-to-Eye with NFL About Importance of Cam Newton's Safety

Rams See Eye-to-Eye with NFL About Importance of Cam Newton's Safety

Cam Newton played his first game since he met with NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, to discuss his concern about the lack of protection and equity of penalty flags thrown after guys go high to his head or low to the legs. 


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Cam Newton On Talk With Roger Goodell, "It Was A Great Conversation."

Cam Newton had his talk with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday and was able to elaborate some in his weekly Wednesday presser. 

"It was a great conversation. I got my point across. He got his point across. But we'll see Sunday and moving forward."- Cam on talk with Goodell.

"In the pocket, that's all I'm asking for. Just to get the calls everyone else gets."- Newton

Newton also stated he understands he runs more than other quarterback in the league and that he will protect himself as a runner. In Cam's defense, he's never complained about hits as a runner. He's admitted multiple times that a lot of the shots he has taken are on himself.

When asked by Charlotte Observers Joseph Person (@JosephPerson) whether he thinks will change, Newton stated, "I hope."

Rivera also commented on his conversation with Goodell. 

"The good thing is he was a willing listener," said Rivera. 

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Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Echoes Ron Rivera Statement On Officials

During Monday's press conference, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera stated he thinks it's time for eight officials on the field and they be employed full time. He also said he believes quarterback hit should be able to be reviewed in the replay system. All his thoughts stemming from a low hit Cam Newton took in the pocket that the NFL later admitted they missed.

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton pretty much echoed Rivera's statement on full-time referee's on Pro Football Talk Live today and then some.

"We are the only league with officials who have primary other jobs, which is really madness. We can pay these guys. They should be full-time NFL officials, and they should be working throughout the week, communicating," said Payton.

The officiating this season has been some of the worst we've seen. Perhaps with the additions of new rule over the last several years, they should look into extra officials as Rivera stated.

While quarterback replay's sound good for player safety, it would slow the game down that much more and could turn away more viewers. NFL ratings are already down this season and the NFL likely wouldn't play into anything that could hurt that more.

Both coaches have a point. For as much money as the NFL makes and how much it's been claiming to be about player safety, you would think this would be an easier step in the right direction. 

What do you think the NFL should do?

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NFL Season Opener a Disgrace to Football

NFL Season Opener a Disgrace to Football

Normally, after a hard-fought season-opening ball game between two powerhouse teams, the next day people are talking about the game, how close it was, who played well, or who didn't. The skinny of it is that the Panthers lost on what amounted to a high snap during a FG try, which caused Graham Gano's timing to be off just enough to pull it wide left for a loss. Carolina has already equalled its entire loss total of last season, not counting playoff games. But not today.

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Toldozer Pushed By A Rock Head?

Toldozer Pushed By A Rock Head?

The Panthers have a big problem, stuck between a fan favorite who has contributed for 4 years here in the Carolinas and a rookie who is clearly the heir to the throne. If you have not figured out yet, I am talking about the fullback position.  This is not an article to bash Tolbert and disrespect what he has done it is simply to...

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Contender or Pretender: Kansas City Chiefs

Contender or Pretender: Kansas City Chiefs

This week’s Contender or Pretender post will take a look at the Carolina Panthers week 10 opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs. This game will be a good mid-season test. If Carolina wants to win a Super Bowl then it will have to beat the top NFL teams like the Chiefs.

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Looking Through the Cat's Eye: Defensive Ends (Pre-Combine)

Looking Through the Cat's Eye: Defensive Ends (Pre-Combine)

We are at the point in the year where people start looking toward the draft. It is no secret that the Panthers pass rush will need to be addressed. I feel that it could be a very good year for them to bolster the DE position. Carolina will be looking for an every down DE, someone that can play the run and get after the QB. Let’s take a look at my DE rankings.  PRE COMBINE, side note: I will not be talking about players that will be drafted higher than our estimated draft position.


Emmanuel Ogbah- Very good and very long. He can win with speed rush or bull rush. His build is NFL ready and he only stands to get stronger over the next few years. After 2 consecutive years with 10+ sacks and tackles for loss, he might be hard to get. The fact he struggles in stopping the run, might have him fall down and become available to us. People are saying they can not trust him, based off of other players from his school not working out. That is not a fair way to judge a person’s draft status but some people will look at it that way, which is fine if it allows him to fall to the Panthers. As far as fitting with the Panthers goes I see some of Kony in him but with better pass rushing ability. Both stand 6’4”  280 lbs and have the ability to play all positions along the defensive line .


Shaq Lawson- BACK YARD BALLER ALERT!!!! Standing in at 6’3” 270 lbs this Clemson product has a thick build and a smart mind! He knows play in and play out how to disrupt the game! He always played well, causing chaos behind the line of scrimmage during his first 2 years of college totaling 22 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks. His junior year he more than doubled those numbers by totaling 24.5 tackles and 12.5 sacks. Lawson is a monster on whatever down you want to play him on. He may fall because he does not posses the long quick athleticism teams seek for top level pass rushers but he does know how to create pressure from all around.


Jonathan Allen- Can anyone really say anything bad about a defensive player out of Bama, they are all coachable and very smart. Don’t think Sabin would let anyone go to the NFL if they could  not perform and keep his good name. At 6’3” 280 lbs his is very big and very strong, Allen knows how to break down any play and every play! He is strong in run support and his 12 sacks this year proves he knows how to get after the QB. He utilizes mostly the bull rush when he plays and he played mostly the right side in the SEC, he has faced off against future pro tackles for years now. He can easily be available because of the talent in front of him but I do see him as a late first rounder who could add some power rush to this Panthers team.


Kevin Dodd- No defensive lineman had a bigger break out game at a better time than Dodd, with a 3 sack 8 pressure performance in the National Championship game. He put the whole country on notice by showing just how dominant he can be. Always doing the dirty work in college, he was willing to help his fellow pass rush guys like Lawson and Beasley, this year he got his shot and made the most of his opportunity by totaling 24 tackles for loss and 12 sacks. He showed his talent this year and looks to be the 3rd Clemson pass rusher taken in the first round in 2 years and the 2nd this year. His 6’5” frame with long arms helps him get past tackles and guards, he wins with both speed and power he plays hard every snap and plays till the whistle doing whatever he can to hit the QB. Looking at the talent in front of him plus his one year production in college this player who draws comparison to to Justin Tuck can very easily end up a Panther.


Carl Nassib- standing at 6’7” 270 lbs this one-year wonder is very physically intimidating. He was a walk on at Penn State where he only started this year. When he came to school he was around 210 lbs and has worked the last few years to get his strength up and become the 15 sack physically dominant player he is. Now he is just a one year wonder who put up crazy stats, but the best thing about him is he does not need help physically as coaches say he is always working out, he does not need to get his head right as they say he is very coachable and loves to go hard in practice and watch film. He will need help learning pass rush moves and control when breaking into the pocket as he sometimes will over run his target, but he has all the tools to become a domination DE, and his 19.5 tackles for loss suggest he is no slouch against the run game either.


Every player I have listed he could be in play for the Panthers late in the first round and all of them I believe will fit with not only need but with the other personnel on the field. These players, for either run stopping or pass rushing, some better than others, but any would be welcomed as Panthers in 2016.


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Tis the Season For Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers

Tis the Season For Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers

It’s Cam Newton’s world, we’re all just living in it.  The frontrunner for MVP strengthened his claim with a game for the ages.  According to Elias Sports Bureau, Cam Newton is the first player in the Super Bowl era to throw for 5 passing touchdowns and rush for 100 yards in the same game.  What he and his team are doing this season is nothing short of spectacular.  The Panthers at 14-0, are on the verge of finishing the regular season undefeated.  

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