NFL Suffering from Roger Goodell-Assisted Suicide

NFL Suffering from Roger Goodell-Assisted Suicide

I haven't written an article in a while -- months -- but with this National Anthem "Protesting" having legs, I thought it was time to chime in, put my cards on the table, and explain my position...about as non-politically myself as possible, but politics are at the heart of the matter, so I'll do my best. I typically pen lengthy articles, and this subject has many facets, so strap yourself in. Here goes:

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Cam Newton On Talk With Roger Goodell, "It Was A Great Conversation."

Cam Newton had his talk with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday and was able to elaborate some in his weekly Wednesday presser. 

"It was a great conversation. I got my point across. He got his point across. But we'll see Sunday and moving forward."- Cam on talk with Goodell.

"In the pocket, that's all I'm asking for. Just to get the calls everyone else gets."- Newton

Newton also stated he understands he runs more than other quarterback in the league and that he will protect himself as a runner. In Cam's defense, he's never complained about hits as a runner. He's admitted multiple times that a lot of the shots he has taken are on himself.

When asked by Charlotte Observers Joseph Person (@JosephPerson) whether he thinks will change, Newton stated, "I hope."

Rivera also commented on his conversation with Goodell. 

"The good thing is he was a willing listener," said Rivera. 

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C3 FANatics Open Discussion: Should Roger Goodell Be Fired By Owners?

Roger, Roger, Roger!  Does he really think we doubt that he saw that Ray Rice tape back in April?  Of course he did.  Why lie?  What else has he lied about or covered up in an attempt to protect the shield?  What do you think America?  Should the 32 owners come together and force out Goodell?  Think that can't happen?  As soon as sponsors step away and as soon as protesters start making their voices heard, it can happen.  Do you think it should happen?