The Crew

"The Professor" aka Tony Dunn



Co-Founder of C3, I'm first a father to three beautiful children and husband to an equally beautiful wife (all Panther fans may I add).

C3 emerged out of a friendship between Joe Riollano (that Freak'n Puerto Rican) and myself, who found themselves living in different states and often infrequently in contact.  Football and the Carolina Panthers, however, helped us stay in touch and keep alive a bond that may have dissipated with time and distance eventually.  We've come a long way since our first half-time hangout to now building a successful website, a collaborative video network, multiple NFL podcasts, Panther fan-clubs, and dipping our toes into professional radio broadcasting.  (Check me out every week Pirate Radio 1250's The Sports Bar with Clip Brock.

All that aside, this project (which emerged organically) has always been meant to be fun, fan-oriented, and a place where develop and maintain friendships.  Thanks for helping us in that process.  Beyond your support, however, I'd like to ask you to join us in this effort.  Visit, comment, listen, participate, and contribute.  All or any, that's all you have to do to help us build Panther Nation and C3. 

Mel Mayock aka Erin Ford


Part Owner of C3, and rabid fan of anything Charlotte.  Panthers and Hornets are my obsession.  Also the Panthers Analyst NFL Draft site Drafttek.  I have two beautiful daughters and my beautiful wife is also my best friend that is right beside me screaming for the Panthers and Hornets every chance we get.

I grew up in Matthews, NC and that is where my heart will always be located.  I currently live in beautiful Las Vegas, NV and manage people all over the West Coast.  So I am on the road quite a bit, which I love.  I get to see our Hornets and Panthers play West Coast teams when I'm in the same cities.  

I have always had a passion for the NFL Draft and follow it and research closely.  While the Panthers Analyst for Drafttek, I frequented all the Panther pages out there to quench my thirst for Panther news.  I fell in love with Tony and Joe's work at Cat Chronicles.  The site is different in that it really can be the voice of Panther Nation.  The focus is on the fan.  As I got to know these guys, I knew I had to be more than a contributor.  I talked them into letting me own part of the action and I can't wait to see where this goes.  Help us make this the place for the Panther Fan.  Let's do this together!

C3 Network

The C3 Network is an affiliation of independent contributors that we thankfully featuretheir content on  Some are Panther fans, others are NFL fans or analysts, but all are friends of the family.  All opinions and content remains exclusively their own, as does responsibility.

MrTmoney1993 aka Str8 Facts 

Named Straight Facts because that's what I speak on this Youtube, Destined to be a Panthers fan, I was born on the same day Carolina got a team and even gained the nickname, Panther, because I talked so much football and Panthers as a child.

Straight Facts will bring together that football knowledge with entertaining trash talk.  For the full effect, you can find me tossing my hat in the TTC ring (Trash Talk Circle). 

Top 5 Favorite All-Time Players:

  1. Sam Mills
  2. J Pepp
  3. Smithy
  4. Moose
  5. Cam

Check out this aspiring sports broadcaster on Twitter @TMuhammad23 and MrTMoney1993 on YouTube.