We're not sports reporters. We're not even football experts, but we are expert football fans!  So are you!  Let guys like Bill Voth and Joe Person report, but best believe C3 will retort. It's what we fans do. We cheer.  We jeer.  We share in the highs and the lows. 

C3 is bigger than a website, a Twitter handle, or talk show. It's a nation, Panther Nation.If you love the Panthers, you are already a part of C3.  Embrace it, and let your voice be heard!

By fans, for fans

It's been our motto from the first tweet, from the first post.  We are simply fans, who love talking football. Carolina Cat Chronicles isn't any one person, one author, or one post commenter.  It's an experience....the fan experience.  So please comment, share, re-tweet, or just read.  If you want to collaborate on an article or voice your football opinion, send us an email or hit us up on Google+.  Let's collaborate.  Let's build build #C3 together!  Remember, without us, the fan, football is just a kids' game

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Write for C3! Fans want to hear your voice!


Building Panther Nation through fan commentary is our primary goal.  Have an opinion or a fan perspective?  Let it be heard.  Just shoot us a message below or go ahead and submit a fan post. 

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