1st Place: $300 and a Christian McCaffrey Jersey
2nd Place: $75 and autographed Kevin Green football
3rd Place: $50 and autographed Kelvin Benjamin Mini Helmet

The Fantasy Football League designed specifically for Panther Nation!  Be a part of the fun, and join fellow Panther Fans every week throughout the season and see if you have what it takes to win it all--$300 and a Christian McCaffrey Jersey.  2nd Place takes home autographed Kevin Greene football and $75 and 3rd Place wins 50$ and autographed Kelvin Benjamin helmet.  All players are eligible for additional weekly prizes, most with a Panther flare. Premium entries will even get a chance to win an autographed Thomas Davis football, autographed Dan Morgan football, and a Luke Kuechly jersey + more swag.  Wanna know more? Check out this short bumper and then purchase your entry below! 

Premium Entry
from 42.00

Eligibility for all weekly and cash prizes, including Grand Prize of $300 and Christian McCaffrey jersey + CamWow, Put It In the Bank, and raffle entries for autographed Thomas Davis football, Dan Morgan football, and Luke Kuechly Jersey + more swag.

Guides and league invitations will be emailed within 12-24 hours of purchase. Sorry, no refunds. Blood in blood out. The draft goes on with or without you. *XXL and above have additional charges.

Learn more about the challenge.


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Standard Entry

Eligibility to win all weekly prizes and cash prizes, including Grand Prize of $300 and a Christian McCaffrey Jersey, 2nd Place of $75 and autographed Kevin Greene football, and $50 and autographed Kelvin Benjamin mini-helmet.

Draft guides and league invitations will be emailed within 12-24 hours of purchase. Sorry, no refunds. Blood in blood out. The draft goes on with or without you. 

Learn more about the challenge

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Learn about the C3 Fantasy Football Challenge


Selection Show Raffle Prizes (Premium Entries Only)

August 22 at 8:30 pm. 

  • Autographed Thomas Davis Football

  • Autographed Dan Morgan Football

  • Luke Kuechly jersey

  • C³ Voice of Panther Nation T-Shirt

  • Panthers 3-Peat T-Shirt

C3 Fantasy Football Updates

C3 Fantasy Football Video Podcast



  • C³ Fantasy Football Challenge consists of 48 total teams, broken into four divisions of 12 teams.  Don't worry, you don't have to have the 38th TE and, most importantly, Cam Newton can be drafted in each of the four leagues.  
  • Each division will be named after a past Panther great and operate as an independent fantasy league.  Although it is set up through ESPN as an independent league, remember that it is really a division in a larger C3 Fantasy Football Challenge.
  • Each division will send 3 teams to the playoffs (two division winners and a wild card).  The division/leagues are head to head and will all operate with identical rules and scoring systems.
  • Draft is at 9:00 pm on 8/27. The draft goes on with or without you.

Fantasy Playoffs at a Glance

  • The top scoring team from each division/league will get a 1st Rd playoff bye.  The remaining 8 teams will match up in the first week of the playoffs.
  • In Week 13, C³ will manually seed a playoff bracket, which can be followed on the C³ fantasy webpage.  Teams will continue to start and manage their teams in each independent league, and the C³ staff will publish starting lineups and point totals for playoff teams on the website.  It’s critical that when the playoffs begin, if you have made it, to manage your team within the league you have played all season.  We will provide matchups and results based on the scoring of your team on the C³ fantasy webpage.  Be sure to check in throughout the week to find winners and track your progress throughout the playoff bracket.
C3 Fantasy Football Challenge Bracket 

2015 C3 FF Champion