Evolution, Disillusion, and Cam Newton (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep. 16.48)

Panthers finish season in disappointment, Ron Rivera calls for the Panthers to evolve, and Cam Newton is Carolina's worst best player ever. Join the guys as they wrap on the 2016 season, join in the most heated discussions about Carolina's coaching staff, their quarterback, and their future.

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C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast: Crunching the Cap (Ep. 15.19)

The Crew is crunching the numbers this week with special guest , Jason Fitzgerald from OvertheCap.com.  See what Cam's contract figures really are, what it means for the organization, and how Carolina can work to sign Luke Kuechly and the young talent coming down the pipeline.  You'll even find out how Charles Johnson actually made every dollar of his contract in a league that so often discards the bloated contracts in their final years.  All that and more on the Premiere #Panthers podcast. 

Special Guest: Jason Fitzgerald, OvertheCap.com
Guest Co-host: MrTmoney1993