Toldozier Totaled, But Will Dave Gettleman Spend the Cash? (C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Ep. 17.3)

The crew reacts to Mike Tolbert's release, wonders if anyone cares about Paul Soliai, and discusses Carolina's salary cap situation. Will the Panthers spend and is it fan heresy to not like players who are on your team. All that plus more! 

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C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast: The 90 Man Roster (Ep 15.16)

Join the C3 Crew as they delve into the  #Panthers   90-man roster they will bring to training camp.  The Crew has the comparative breakdowns by position group that will give you most developed understanding of the current state of the Panthers roster in comparison to 2014.  Will Mike Tolbert be a Panther in 2015?  Will the Panthers carry 6 or 7 wideouts into the season?  How many running backs will make the 53? Is Brandon Williams a lock?

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