Who Would You Start vs. Browns: Cam or DA?

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The Playoffs are on the line this Sunday vs. the Browns.  This is a must win, people!  With it all on the line, who are you rolling with and why?  Here's a case for each:

  • DA threw for 277 yards last week and is 2-0.  He had great chemistry with Olson and Benjamin.  And don't forget his extra motivation for playing the Browns.
  • Now for Cam:  If he plays like he did two weeks ago vs the Aint's, he gives us the best chance to win.  His mobility and the simple threat of him running diversifies our Offense so much more that having DA back there.  But if he takes a shot to that back, could there be long term implications??

If the call were up to you, who are you rolling with?  And why?  Leave your comments below and I'll tweet them out.


Mel Mayock