Picture Purrrfect: Panthers Win Over Saints

After two months of eager anticipation and then heartbreak, our Panthers finally came through for us.  My dinner tasted better last night, I slept with a smile on my face, and my wife looked a little prettier.  Winning, especially against the Saints, is what we wait for all year long.  The Saints fans made it extra fun by showing how classless most of them can be.  This was evident when Cam was slow to get up after a play and they cheered louder than at any other point in the game.  From a fan base that denies their team really did anything wrong under bounty-gate, this really was not surprising.  It was just fuel for future rants that we at C3 may put out.  Below are what I thought were keys to the game and why I say this was “Picture Purrrfect.”

  1. I really think our defense set the tone early with the two turnovers. Sticki Wiki making that interception set the tone. Had he whiffed on that play, the momentum would have been in New Orleans’ corner.

  2. The offensive line was amazing, aAnd that isn’t said often around here. But Cam was not sacked and the Panthers ran for 285 yards. That is Panther football. Hats off to Mike Remmers in particular. He and Trai Turner look good paying to side-by-side.

  3. Cam, oh Cam. Man, when you give the man time and running lanes, he is unbelievable. You can just see his swagger return in spades. He was making audibles and throwing with confidence. That Cam deserves a $120M contract.

  4. Passion and Team Chemistry- That fight that broke out after Cam’s TD could have been a turning point in our season. Too bad it wasn’t Week 8 instead of Week 14. But seeing the team rally together and showing emotion was so good to see. Even Ron Rivera was seen showing emotion. This is the team we fell in love with in 2013. Will it continue?

  5. No mistakes- We didn’t have any turnovers, and we didn’t give up any huge plays. No blocked punts returned for touchdowns nor any missed field goals.

So Panther Nation, what do you think, will we keep this rolling?  I sure hope so.  Everything is better when we win.  Leave a comment and follow me on twitter @PanthersDrafter

Mel Mayock