What To Watch For The Carolina Panthers Today

Here are the things that I'm watching today as the ultimate goal is to remain undefeated. Yes, 14-0 would be absolutely amazing, but not the only thing.  The last team to go 14-0 was the 2009 Indianapolis Colts. And they went on to lose the Super Bowl.   Below are my thoughts on that and the other things that and other musings (Including one IceUpSon call out)


The Panthers have made the so-called experts eat crow this year.  My favorite is below.  The problem is, one loss and folks will jump back on the "Panthers are over-rated" bandwagon.

Cris Carter, you can suck it!  And IceUpSon!


Josh Norman has been unbelievable this year.  He is playing against the most talented WR in the league (IMO) and the Giants are desperate for a win.  Look for them to sling it and to take their shots to their best player.  IF Norman holds OBJ to pedestrian numbers, then I will say that Josh Norman is our Defensive MVP (Sorry Luke).

I'm also going to be watching our run game. The Panthers have an unbelievable streak of 24 games with over 100 yards rushing..  We have no J Stew today and that concerns me.  But I'm also excited to see who carries the rock.  Will Fozzy get the bulk of the carries?  How about the rookie Cameron Artis-Payne?  If CAP goes off, that could make for an interesting off season decision on Stewart's future.


I'm also watching the Arizona Cardinals as the Panthers have a two game lead on them with three games to go.  Should the Panthers keep the lead, the Panthers will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  That is so exciting to me and why did I title this section the way I did?  The Cardinals have to play the Eagles today, the Packers next week and the Seahawks in two weeks.  To compare, the Panthers play the Giants, the Falcons and the Bucs. We should hold on.


The most important thing today is to not lose anymore key players to injuries.  I do say a prayer every Sunday morning for God to protect all NFL Players.  And for the Panthers to make a run, we need to stay healthy.  Losing Stiki Wiki last week hurt. Also, losing Star last year heading into our battle in Seattle hurt us badly.  So between plays today, keep your eyes on our players. Win or lose today, if none are injured, we won.





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-Mel Mayock