Carolina Panthers Advent: December 7th

It's victory Monday. Revel in the glory guys, 12-0 feels just fantastic doesn't it? I know the #C3 podcast doesn't air until Tuesday night, but for the advent calendar today I'm borrowing a segment from the show. So far in this series we've looked back at good and bad quarterbacks to don the famous Black and Blue. We've covered superb and record setting performances, and draft successes. We've even trawled back through seasons gone by and looked at memorable wins. Today we tell a former Panther (kind of) to ICE UP SON! 

#7 - Tim Hasselbeck 

I say kind of a Panther as he was only signed to our practice squad in 2002 but his name shows up like a stain on our all time roster as a number 7. That makes him fair game to me.


This is why I'm icing him up:

 Ok so this was back in February, but it seemed like a fitting time to give him some more abuse. Currently the man who 'plays smaller' than himself is leading a charge towards an NFL MVP award and is pulling all the strings on the offense for the league's one remaining undefeated team. With another five touchdown performance (his second in three games) last night, Cam showed a calmness none of us fans could possibly share. He never looked phased when we twice trailed late in the fourth quarter. In fact he seemed almost delighted just to have the ball back in his hands because he knew he would lead us up the pitch for the winning score. So much for playing small.  

Meanwhile the man who feels he is in a position to discredit the achievements of Cam Newton led an entirely forgettable career, bouncing from team to team never finding a home. He played 12 games, starting just five and throwing two more interceptions than he did touchdowns (7-5 respectively). If you want an example of someone playing small, I take you back to December 14, 2003. Washington Redskins 0-27 Dallas Cowboys. The Redskins quarterback that day posted a 0.0 passer rating going 6 of 26 for 57 yards and a whopping four interceptions, guess who that quarterback was? Timmy Hasselbeck.  

By the time the tweet was sent Carolina's defeat by the Seahawks was long forgotten six weeks previous. The bigger man had let a fourth quarter double digit lead slip, and threw the interception to gift-wrap the Lombardi for Tom Brady and the Patriots. This is a man who is paid to provide 'expert analysis' of the game. This attention seeking, slanderous attack on Cam Newton was a disgrace. It's been marvelous watching Cam prove him so, so wrong this year. Now seems a good time to remind Tim of this tweet and see if his tune has changed.   

So for the 7th day of advent, for past discretions and generally being an ass - ICE UP Tim Hasselbeck, ICE UP!  Oh you can sign the petition to Unfollow Lil Timmy Hasselbeck here. 

Don't forget to tune in to the #C3 Podcast tomorrow night at 10pm as the guys re-live another win and tell you who they are icing up.