2015 NFL Draft Update: Who The Carolina Panthers Are Showing Interest In

NFL Draft

With the 2015 NFL Draft just around six weeks away, thought it would be a good time to catch everyone up in Panthers nation on who the team is looking at so far to become new Panthers for the 2015 season. 

I will break this down by position groups using resources around the inner webs so you can get somewhat of a picture to whom or the positions that Dave Gettleman and Co. are focusing their attention on.  I'll keep these spreadsheets live and up-to-date, so check back in to see just who the Panthers are eyeballing, meeting with, and ultimately interested in drafting!

Offensive Lineman

Defensive Lineman

Defensive Backs

Wide Receivers


Tight Ends


Running backs

These are the types of players the organization is looking at so far in this years draft class. The one thing that has stood out the most is that Dave Gettleman seems to be putting a premium on the running back and offensive tackle positions at this moment with wide receivers not to far behind. Which would make a ton of sense being these two position groups offer the most talented and deepest crop of potential NFL starters in this years draft class. Luckily for Carolina these are also two areas the team could benefit from an infusion of talent at as well.

What are your thoughts Panthers fans????

By Smokewagon
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