Could Randy Moss's NFL Comback be with Carolina?

Randy Moss, he hasn’t played since 2012 and he hasn’t produced since 2009.  Within the past week, however, rumblings that Moss wanted to return to the NFL at 38 years old began to surface. Sunday, prior to the Rams-Titans preseason game of Fox, Moss again teased that he believed that dawning a pro jersey again was a real possibility.  Moss stated, “I actually have not lost the itch” to play football. It is the “love of the game,” he said, that has him wanting to get back on the field. 

It’s an interesting thought. Moss, arguably the greatest receiver of all time, lacing up the cleats again on Sundays. Yea, he’s old, but really an old Moss could outrun 80% of the field still. He stated he had been working out with some guys staying in shape in case the opportunity arises.  Two months ago talk surfaced that Moss was working out with Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown and Joshua Harris.  Moss was swift, as always, reportedly beating out Brown in a couple 10-yard dashes. 


At 6’4, Moss provides a big target with reliable hands. If he’s beating out Brown in a 10-yd dash, he’s got short yardage acceleration that would make him a reliable possession receiver. This is also predicated on Moss adjusting his game from what it was when he was younger. Maybe the deep threat wouldn’t be entirely off the table either. I mean, he was the greatest deep-threat receiver of all time. Moss has caught more 20+ yard TDs than all of the NFC South current starting receivers combined. If he got behind a safety, it would still be lights out.

Could Carolina be a possible landing spot if Moss were to return? I hope so, simply for the fact if he some how blew up and found lightning in a bottle, it would be with Cam Newton and that would cause Cam haters to simply implode. 

The Panthers could use a receiver, and Moss wouldn’t be the worse fit.  He’d be better than hoping to grab a younger player with decent talent who just found himself on a crowded roster.  That type of player wouldn’t help that much.  Without Kelvin Benjamin, the Panthers receiving corps is currently composed of that guy anyway.  Aside from Funchess, every Panther receiver (Jerricho Cotchery, Corey Brown, Ted Ginn, Jr,) could easily be on the bubble on any other team with decent wideouts. Moss, who I think is better than all of those guys right now, could contribute easily to the Panthers offense.  He’d offer a veteran presence, pedigree, and the talent to legitimately be relevant. 

It’s a move that just doesn’t seem part of the Panthers DNA. Dave Gettleman, perhaps stubbornly, doesn't like to flinch in these types of situations.  He’s avoided the quick fix and the flashy move to help quell fan anxiety.  There is still some smoke. Last week, Bomani Jones, intimated that Moss could help the Panthers given Benjamin’s season ending injury:


The following day, another Jones, Charlotte Observer’s Jonathan Jones (interestingly both Joneses are UNC Chapel Hill grads) noted:

Moss has been coaching his son’s football team in Charlotte, so the connections are even geographical.  They say where there's smoke, there's fire.  Moss has burnt more corners than the Panthers current receiver corps has combined in their lifetimes.  If there is a little fire left in the legend, why not see what he could do in Black ‘n Blue?

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn
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