"Undrafted" to Feature Carolina Panther Brandon Wegher

Brandon Wegher has been a sensation throughout the Carolina Panthers' preseason.  With 3 TDs, 10 carries for 39 yards, and 2 receptions for 47 yards, he's arguably been the biggest most exciting and intriguing player to this point. He's become an  instant fan favorite, where a loud segment of Panther Nation is actively campaigning for Wegher to make the 53-man roster.  C3 is a part of that group.

It's a great story, one that will be featured on NFL Network's "Undrafted" on September 22.  You'll get to know Wegher and the complex journey he's had to get to this point.   There's even more exciting news!!! Brandon Wegher will join the C3 Carolina Panthers Podcast Tuesday night at 10 pm (9/1). Oh yea, you heard it! The fan favorite is coming to the favorite fan podcast! This is a great get for Panther fans, and will be an even greater get when he makes the final roster! 

Wegher's preseason has been big, but his story is even bigger!