NFL Deems Hits to Cam Newton Unworthy of Flags and Fines

I need to start getting more used to being shocked. This election week has really turned my world upside down. What I thought was clear, turns out to be muddled, or clearly that I'm wrong more times than I'm comfortable missing.

I was surprised when the officiating crew didn't throw flag on either hits, especially the Mark Barron hit, on Cam Newton after he met with the NFL Commissioner to discuss his belief that officials weren't treating him as they do other quarterbacks in the league. 

I was surprised again when on the C3 Podcast when my compadres disagreed with me concerning the legality of these two hits. I mean I was floored. Talk about pulling the rug out from under a brother. You can hear the exchange at about the 17m mark of the podcast below.

Well today, I'm surprised again as I learn that the NFL's preliminary report on these two hits did not find these hits to be worthy of a flag. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised at this point. Guess more open season on Cam Newton.

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn