Good Riddance (I hope you have the worst time of your life)

Ok, first thing, if the Falcons win Super Bowl 51, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just gonna feel like it. I’m not trying to be over dramatic or anything but it will suck just because of where we were last year and where we are now, which was not even in contention for the 2017 post season. This would have been so much easier to digest if it had happened a few years back when we were still developing into the 2015 team.

Anywho, like I was saying, it’s only gonna feel like the end of the world. And what’s worse, it’s the Patriots. I dare to say that I could pull for the Bronco’s easier than the Patriots. At least if the Bronco’s won it would be a draw between us and Atlanta. Both losing to Denver in the final game and all. But if the Dirty Birds win, not only are they the Super Bowl Champions - leaving the Carolina Panthers as the only team in the division ringless - they will also have bested our attempt at said goal from 2004…which needless to say was a loss to Brady/Belichick…as they have done for what feels like the last 50 years, good Lord, when will the Patriot era in football end?

So due to the logic used above, the question is this - Who do we as Panther Nation hate less? Matty Ice (worst nickname in all of football) or Tom Brady & Bill Belichick? How do we choose? I feel like it’s November 8th all over again. Well, much like this past November to me one choice is clearly much better than the other. So here it is, my team is this: ‘I-want-both-teams-to-lose but-would-rather-see-Patriots-win-since-someone-HAS-to-win.’ But to be clear, I’m not rooting for New England, I just want Atlanta to lose more. I want Georgia to be a blue state 😉 . The Falcons stay equal with us and all will be right in the world as we move into September. Also, with yet another ring (sigh), there is a good chance Brady will hang it up on the spot ending the never-ending era.

Good riddance. And I mean that very respectfully. Win or lose Brady is the greatest of all time so I say good riddance like when your girl tells you she is back on the pill so you throw out the rest of your condoms like ‘thank you for all you’ve done but we’ll take it from here, good riddance’ kind of way. Good riddance Brady, good riddance Super Bowl 51.

24-22 Patriots.

by Mario Marchioni