JOMO APP Launch Means $1 Donation to Cam Newton Foundation for Every Download

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Today, Charlotte start-up launches with the support of the Cam Newton Foundation. Like Cam Newton, JOMO is unique. It's a phone app meant to get you off your phone and involved in activities nearby. Whether it's a beer with friends, a pickup basketball game, or connecting with members of the Roaring Riot watching an away game at a local bar, JOMO makes it easy to find fun activities spontaneously. JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) encourages you to make friends, find fun things to do, and experience life without your face always buried in a digital screen. 



I caught up with JOMO founder, George Taylor, to find out more about JOMO and its affiliation with the Cam Newton Foundation. Taylor relayed that they are "well-aware of the ironies" of a mobile app that is meant to get you off your phone. He emphasized that "JOMO is a mobile app that makes it super easy to do exactly what it is what you want to do...the goal is to get you off your phone as quick as possible and back into the real world doing the things you enjoy." "If you want to go to a movie or grab a beer with friends, all you got to do," Taylor stated, "is post it up or type in beer and see who in your area is trying to grab a beer and off you go." It's a way to connect with friends, make new friends, and get out there and experience life in other ways than just following someone's Instagram feed. 

JOMO launches in Charlotte and has partnered with some of your favorite local businesses and several non-profit organizations, most notably The Cam Newton Foundation and Roaring Riot.  All of these businesses partnering with JOMO are interested with activity. It's why the Cam Newton Foundation got involved. The Cam Newton Foundation emphasizes encouraging youth activity and getting out there and living a healthy life.  For every download of the JOMO app, they'll be donating $1 to the Cam Newton Foundation. That's right! All you have to go is download the app, and the Cam Newton Foundation receives a dollar. 

So what are you waiting for? JOMO and go! You can download the app here or get it in the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Listen to our exclusive interview with JOMO's founder, George Taylor.

By Tony Dunn
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