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Cat Chronicles is a website created by fans, for fans, who are dedicated to following the Carolina Panthers.  The @Cat_Chronicles brand originated from fan discussion and input, so it is our mission to feature Panther fans because without you, football is just a kids game.  Each week, we will select our favorite tweets related to the Carolina Panthers and fans will vote for Cat Chronicle's Tweet of the Week!  Cast your vote now;  It’s up to you!

Joe’s Pick:

This is funny because Geno Smith did not have a career day versus the Panthers defense, but it does bring to light how our defense is not as good as we want it to be. Geno did play well though; his numbers don’t look impressive but he showed guts and some leadership qualities that will be vital for this Jets franchise to nurture and develop.

The Panthers defense looked vulnerable against this Jets offense and frankly that frightens me. This is the second game this season we have played poorly against a rookie quarterback. EJ Manuel had a very good game against this Panthers team back in week 2. The defense has to step up if we are to make a deep playoff run. If we give up 20 points to the Jets what is a team like Seattle going to do to us?

Tony’s Pick

Generally, we reserve the TofW for fans.  Mike Mitchell has been a favorite in the Carolina’s this season, and his thoughts strike at what so many fans are echoing with “Panthers control their destiny” comments--so I’m going to bend the rules a bit.

Mike  Mitchell’s tweet has become Carolina proverb.  The real awesome part about this is that Mitchell stated this two weeks ago. Let’s just say the proverb has become more proverbial since then.

The Panthers bounced back last week against the Jets after a beatdown by the Saints.  They also revived their chances for a division title.  The Saints are coming to the Carolina’s and we get to see who is the fittest.  Even Ron Rivera has acknowledged the magnitude of this week’s matchup against the Saints, stating “It's about as big as it gets."  The Panthers control their destiny.  It is truly survival of the fittest that will determine the NFC South and Carolina’s playoff picture.  Props to Mitchell for the Darwinism--a  little testament to that Ohio State Buckeye education.  

Vote for Mitchell’s tweet….it is do or die this week #PantherNation and make sure that 12th man shows up Sunday in BoA.

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Who's Tweet is Supreme?