Byron Bell's Do Over Opportunity vs Mario Williams

Byron BellOh to have a do over.  How many times in your life have you wanted one of those?  The time you didn't say the right thing, or do the right thing.  The time you froze instead of asking that pretty girl out.  Or how about that time on Saturdays where if you could just have that one golf-shot back or that one putt back and the entire round could have been different?  Well we may not get those do-overs in real life, but I know one 6-5 330 lb. Offensive Tackle for the Panthers that is so ready to get his do over next Friday.  You see this young man had a solid season in 2013 with the exception of one terrible day in Week 2 against Mario Williams and the Buffalo Bills.  I attended that game in person and was stunned at how routinely Williams (the former NC State Standout) was able to blow past Bell and get to Cam.  Without that one game last year, Bell's stats would show 4 sacks in 15 games and one that help lead a team to 14 games of over 100 rushing yards.  But you do have to count the Buffalo game where he gave up more sacks in that one game than he did the rest of the year.  Super Mario picked up 4.5 sacks against Bell and probably cut Bell's earning power in half in  one miserable Sunday afternoon that still has Josh Norman in Riverboat Ron's doghouse.

But on Friday, August 8, there is a do-over.  Bell has had a solid camp thus far.  All reports are that he is growing into a team leader and has the leg up on Nate Chandler to win the starting Left Tackle spot.  Is he for real or are we clinging on to hope?  The do-over coming our way next week against Super Mario is one that will answer a lot of questions going forward.  I'll be glued to the TV.  So my words to Big Byron Bell and to Josh Norman is to Keep Pounding!

~Erin Ford, aka Mel Mayock, aka @PanthersDrafter