Mario Addison Can Move

We've heard David Newton drone on and on about who will take the right defensive end position this season.  Kony Ealy has taken what is becoming his ritual preseason ribbing, and Frank Alexander has well been huge,  probably high, and maybe even a little juiced.  Wes Horton hears a who?  And well, Mario Addison is still fast and agile.  Here he beats a wide receiver and a quarterback who everyone thinks should be a wide receiver. 

I Gave @jj_nelson14 n @spiderwebb14 The Business

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Ron Rivera seems to be playing the hard to impressive father role, remarking he wants one of these guys to step into the starting role, but right now it looks like the position will be manned by committee.  He even moved Big Money Charles Johnson over to the right side to  show the guys he was willing to shake things up.  Right now it's any guys job to win, or in Frank Alexander's case--burn. 

By the Professor, aka Tony Dunn

Greg Hardy’s Replacement

Greg Hardy’s Replacement

The NFL continues to test the patience of Carolina Panthers fans and the Panthers organization. Is the NFL going to punish Greg Hardy or not? Hardy met with NFL officials on Wednesday to talk about the case but nothing was resolved. I reached out to Carolina Panthers Beat Writer David Newton, and asked him if he has heard of any updates on the Hardy situation. All he said was that it was, “Strangely Quiet.”

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