“If You Build It, The Lombardi Will Come!”

The Carolina Panthers have a reached a stage in their organization where no one wants to be. After going 12-4 in 2013, the Panthers are now 3-8-1. This is a huge 360 from last season and there isn't a quick fix. The problems come from the personnel, the front office and the coaches. If I was to write an article about every problem and how to fix it, it would turn into a long book. The book might be as long as Harry Potter. At that point you wouldn't even want to read it, and hope that a movie would come out about it.

How did I decide what problem to write about? I wrote the problems down on a sheet paper, tore it up, and put into my favorite hat. I reached in and pulled out the “defensive secondary.” So, let's start with that!

The defensive secondary is the weakest point of the defense and one of the weakest in the NFL. Through 12 games this season the Panthers defense has allowed 242.5 opponent passing yards per game, and this ranks 17th worst in the NFL.  The statistics only get worse. Quarterbacks are averaging a QB rating of 98.2 this season and have scored 22 passing touchdowns. The Panthers defense is also allowing 27.6 points per game. All of these statistics rank in the bottom ten of the league. You can't win with these numbers.

How can our defensive secondary improve? I have decided to build the defensive secondary using free agents and draft picks. Some might call this a wish list.

My wish list:

CB Darrelle Revis – Revis might be a little older but he is still dominating the NFL. Do you remember Revis Island? Quarterbacks are still struggling to connect with their receivers on his island. He is having a big year and posting similar numbers to Richard Sherman. He has two interceptions, 14 passes defended and 38 tackles. He goes up against pro bowl receivers every week, and continues to shut them down.

CB Chris Harris Jr. – Harris is only 25 years old and already has lots of NFL experience. He is the starting cornerback for the Denver Broncos and has lots of potential. He is quick, smart, and plays hard. Some NFL personnel consider him as an upper-tier, top player who will get paid. Harris has 39 tackles, two picks and 14 passes defended this season. Why not pay the guy?

FS Devin McCourty - Any player that starts for Bill Belichick has to be a player that plays hard, and has a high football IQ. In five NFL seasons McCourty has started 73 games for the Patriots. Belichick knows talent when he sees it, and McCourty can help this Panthers team stop teams from converting on third downs. He has 47 tackles, one forced fumble and two interceptions.


SS Landon Collins – Collins reminds me of Taylor Mays coming out of college, I just hope that his NFL career won’t be similar. Mays' career has been filled with injuries and disappointment. Collins is a fast safety that can tackle and hit hard. He is known for his open-field tackles, and ripping the ball out as he takes opponents to the ground. His quickness and tackling ability will help him be effective with blitzing schemes. He will fit in well with the Panthers defense, because of his toughness and quickness. He has 80 tackles with three interceptions.

Do you think that this defensive secondary could shut down Peyton Manning?

By Justin Raymond
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