Around the South: Mark Ingram Is The Present But Will The Saints Select The Future RB In 2015?

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Mark Ingram Is The Present But Will The Saints Select The Future RB In 2015? 

There was a mixed bag of feelings on Mark Ingram coming back to New Orleans especially for an average of four million dollars per year. Basically he only has had one really good season to show for that kind of money. Bottom line is it does make sense to bring him back because he is familiar with the offense and he showed he could carry the load when he's called in upon. Granted he is more old-school style running back where he needs the ball 20-30 times before he really becomes effective and there's nothing wrong with that, but there will be times he will need to be just as effective with less carries. Whether Ingram can learn to do that in the future remains to be seen. 

The only true concern for New Orleans is Ingram’s durability. If Ingram struggles with injury, the Saints recent addition of free agent C.J. Spiller to replace Pierre Thomas and returning Khiry Robinson with another year of experience under his belt, will have to carry the load. 

With Travaris Cadet probably not coming back, the Saints will be in the market for another running back in the draft or hunting for an undrafted free-agent, which they have become great at finding those hidden gems. As far as the draft goes, here are five running backs the Saints should consider drafting in April:

Javorius Allen 6’0 221lbs (USC)

Allen is very elusive in space and has the ability to cut on a dime with big play potential. Allen can fit well in the Saints rotation because if there were injuries to Ingram or Robinson. 

Duke Johnson 5’9 207lbs (MIA)

Johnson is both an explosive and very elusive runner who can run both outside and between the tackles. He will need to get better at breaking tackles but overall Johnson will be a good addition to the Saints backfield. 

TJ Yeldon 6’1 226lbs (ALA)

Yeldon is a fast and talented back who can be factor in both the running and passing game. He can make tacklers miss and he is a creative runner. Will need to get better at ball security but overall he will be a great addition to the Saints running back stable. 

Trey Williams 5’7 195lbs (A&M)

Williams is an all-purpose back that could give the Saints the matchup advantages they missed after trading Darren Sproles. He doesn’t run between the tackles as well as Sproles did but he can be a great tool to stress opposing defenses. 

Jeremy Langford 6’0 208lbs (MSU)

Has good speed and can create separation from linebackers, very good outside runner but needs to become a more physical runner that can break tackles and run between the tackles. Projected as a 3rd down back but he can develop in to more if he works at it.  

By Greg Barber, Saints Analyst
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