C3FF Week 6 Minter League Recap

Panther Storm Suffers First Defeat

Minter league standings after wk 6

No undefeated fantasy teams remain in the Minter league of the #C3FF Challenge here in our third season, and I have to say it seems to be more competitive each year.

I've noticed ...PantherStorm is very, very active on the waiver wire, which means an actively managed team. Despite suffering their first loss of the season, they remain in first place in the East division and are a good example of how to be involved in a fantasy football franchise that stays competitive every week and has a chance to win it all.

Here's how that squeaker of a match-up looked:

Only 3 points made the difference as My Ball Zach Ertz (lmao...love the names!!) drooped to 87.5 FP while ...PantherStorm outright sagged to a paltry 84.5 FP.

Both FLEX positions led the aching sack's starters with 13 FP among position players while the Eagles D/ST led all the winner's starters with 17, which is pretty unusual right there. PantherStorm got 20 from Tyrod Taylor and 15 from LeGarrette Blount. 

Had PantherStorm started anyone other than DeAngelo Williams from the bench, the winning streak would be intact. Notice the five players on the bench outscored all the starters 95-84.5. 


In the next-best matchup of week six, we see a much higher-scoring affair. Team Crawford beat IMAClassicCam 126-120. Our own Cam Newton led his team with 27 FP while Christine (pronounced KRIS-ten) Michaels contributed a nice week with 23.5 FP. 

ImAClassicCam had nice days from Terrelle Pryor, who is a prime example of a great waiver-wire pick-up for teams that might have felt let down after a couple of weeks, had the same FP total as Michaels did! Brandin Cooks led both teams' fantasy scorers with 32.5 FP. All his other players were either average (DeMarco Murray, Mason Crosby, Jarvis Landry) or below (Russell Wilson, Jesse James, Phillip Dorsett). 

The third-best game wasn't nearly as close as the first two, but interesting just the same. Shaq Lives Matter made it to 2-4, defeating Summertime, and the Livins Ezek 134-117.5.

Shaq's OhHell DeckHim, Jr.'s massive game put up 48 FP to lead everyone's starters by a bunch, which gave his team enough cushion to withstand Zeke Elliott's now-expected 22 FP. Terrance West had a big game too, with 29 FP, but none Summertime's other starters had good games. The same thing can be said of Shaq's team, but the big game by the game's biggest ego put them over the top.

Winning & losing in fantasyland isn't always about who you start, but a big part is luck...at least it's out of your control. You can't control the match-ups of the other teams, for example. Injuries/replacements/waiver-wire pick-ups/trades happen. 

For example, I have a big advantage in FP scored in my division, with 783, but I'm 3-3. PantherStorm, who is 5-1 but easily could be 6-0, is second with 719. That's a big difference!

The problem is FP allowed....something no manager has any control of whatsoever -- their opponent's team, management, player match-ups, etc. I have "allowed" 753 FP while PantherStorm has "allowed' only 636.5. My opponents have scored over 100 more FP than PantherStorm's opponents, so you just do your best week in and week out for your own roster & let the chips fall where they may.

Above all, #KeepPounding

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