Week 12 C3FF Minter League Recap

The C3FF playoffs start this week due to the necessity of the bye weeks for the top teams. Otherwise, having 1 fewer week online here would mean a double-elimination deal so the upshot is these are the final standings for the playoffs. Bortlemilk Biscuits and make ameriCam great aGinn win their respective divisions while Panther Storm gets the Wild Card spot.

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The closest game of the week was between my team, renamed "Sans Luck" & abbreviated to SOL for the past month or so against team Show Me Your TDs. As the afternoon games unwound, I saw I had a couple of guys going Sunday night, but had to make up over 20 FP.

Well, those players were Kansas City Chiefs players, namely Travis Kelce and Spencer Ware. At the end of the Chiefs@Broncos game's 4th quarter, I was behind 121-119.5.

One problem: OVERTIME

It was enough for Kelce and Ware to pad their fantasy totals enough for me to win, 126.5-121. Even though I knew after about week 5 or 6 that the fantasy football gods have been quite against me this season, but hey, stuff happens. At least I was (barely) able to overcome Show Me your TDs' TE Jordan Reed, with a season-best 26 FP. He also had David Johnson with an upper-tier fantasy performance even for him with a team-high 28 FP. However, Brady only put up 19, WR Rishard Matthews put up 13.5, and nobody else had double-digit fantasy points for them.

Drew Brees led my squad with 33 FP. Boy, I think he was my own draft's biggest steal among QB draft values as I got him at the end of the 5th round. Dead last at 60th overall. Only 3 times this season has he posted fewer than 20 FP and has been a steady influence on the scoring of my team. Otherwise, my team had largely average scoring this week, which helped against his team's having a number of poor performances. For me, WR Michael Crabtree had 16 FP against our Panthers, while TE Kelce had 15 FP and Ware had 13. Latavius Murray added 18.5 FP for me also against Carolina so it's bittersweet. Murray, however, is re-emerging as the Raiders' top backfield threat...unfortunately for me, too little too late to save my fantasy season.

Lesson learned for me is that DeAndre Hopkins is a fantasy bust this season due to Brock Osweiler's inconsistent play. Oh well, too late. Again.

Here, Summertime & the Livin's Ezek defeated Shaq Lives Matter, 150-132.5. These were the two of the top three highest-scoring teams this week, and Shaq has to feel targeted in that he lost with the third-best overall score. That's the fantasy football world for ya, though. The biggest thing is not having any "defense" - no control whatsoever about how the other team does.

In this case, the NFL's two most visible rookies, both Dallas Cowboys in QB Dak Prescott and RB Zeke Elliott, were on opposing sides this week. Zeke's team got the better of Dak's team, however. The QBs scored about the same as did Le'Veon Bell with 27 vs. Zeke's 28, and even OHell Deck'em put up 24 in a losing effort and the Giants D/ST had 25, so one can't complain too much about fantasy output. They simply were outscored, but no help could come from the bench.

Lastly, PantherStorm had to win to hold on to any hopes of getting the one Wild Card berth in the league, and came through with a win, 129-107 against My Ball Zach Ertz. 

PS had two star players that put up nearly half the fantasy total for the team. Both flex starters. RB Mark Ingram got 31.5 FP in New Orleans' 49 point outburst while DeSean Jackson put up 25 FP in a losing effort against the Dallas Cowboys. 

For the losing cause, Big Ben and the Chiefs D/ST led the way with 20 FP each, but that alone tells me there weren't any big fantasy stars for their team this week. WR Kenny Stills put up a respectable 16.5, but nobody else topped a dozen.

Now for the C3FF PLAYOFFS!

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