C3FF Week One Recap



Week One has come and gone, along with several veterans' seasons, as always does happen in the first week of play. The biggest-name injury is likely WR Keenan Allen of the San Diego Chargers...and btw, thank you, BortleMilk Biscuits, for declining my extremely fair trade offer before week one of me sending him Latavius Murray for Allen!! ;)

First off, my APOLOGIES for the scoring error! League Muhammed was actually a simple matter where passing yards was erroneously set to 10 yards passing per point whereas the rules going in were always 25 yards passing per point. The good news is that it affects every team's QBs equally. The bad/good news is that one former winner now lost. Last game in the left column in the screenshot of League Muhammed, below, after corrections were made. It also changed the overall 48-team superleague's high scorer.

Secondly, KUDOS to team Uplay2win ThaGame, who is MOI....yep, Yours Truly had the highest Week One fantasy point total this week after all, with 162 FP. I was the only team to crack 160 this week. I had to say I wondered why Matt Stafford outscored Drew Brees, so I checked into the individual scoring and quickly saw the reason for it. 

Below, you'll see screenshots for the league scoreboards for each of the four leagues:


UPlay2win ThaGame topped scoring this week at 162 FP



Hog Mollie Heroes topped scoring this week at 159.5 FP



Carruth Carruth Is On Fire topped scoring this week at 154 FP



Mike after dinner minter led scoring this week at 156.5


UPlay2Win ThaGame's Lineup:


As you can see, I had strength everywhere -- even from the bench! Had I simply started Willie Snead instead of Michael Crabtree, I'd have had 175.5, but as it is I'm already starting two pairs of guys from the same team....Hopkins/Miller and Murray/Crabtree. I didn't want to add Brees/Snead, but it looks like I'll have to put Snead in that WR2 category, depending upon match-ups.

Brees led with 37 FP, then I had help from a ball-hawking TD-scoring Minnesota Vikings D/ST with 25 FP. All my non-kickers had very solid weeks except Brees, who had a great week. 

Look out, #C3FF, I was paying attention to the fantasy draft this year!

*Weekly winners, please contact Tony Dunn for prizes. He handles that which is why he doesn't get paid the Big Bucks.

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