Mike Remmers Still the Same Player, Just in Minnesota

Mike Remmers and Carolina fans have a complicated past. Remmers found a home with the Panthers in 2014 after fighting to find a roster spot in Tampa and San Diego when Nate Chandler went down with an injury. Remmers did an adequate job, although his play seemed to decline as he got further into the season. Carolina didn't have another option and Remmers played better than the guy he replaced. In 2015, Carolina went on a crazy run and Remmers was a part of it. Again, signs of his deteriorating play as the season progressed showed but were overshadowed by Carolina's unprecedented success. Remmers was exposed in the Super Bowl and never recovered. The following year, Remmers was moved from right to left tackle after Michael Oher sustained a season-ending concussion. It was an untenable situation and somewhat unfair to Remmers, who could hardly sustain at right tackle.

This offseason Remmers signed a big free agent contract with the Minnesota Vikings. The thought is that Remmers could play right tackle and his struggles in 2016 were mostly positional. He has been durable and Minnesota thought he could get back on track if moved to right tackle. Remmers may have changed his uniform, but he looks like the same old Mike Remmers--one who can be easily burned on the outside edge.