Ted Ginn Jr. Still the Same Player, Just in New Orleans

My position on Ted Ginn, Jr. wasn't a popular one while he was in Carolina. I appreciate that he was the best offensive option we had, even though I think that says more about the talent around him, and that he caught that touchdown that led to Carolina's win over the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. He was infuriating at times. He was fast and could stretch a defense with that 4.3 speed, but what good is it when you struggle most with catching the deep ball? Frankly, he often crumpled under pressure. It seemed in his head, just as much as in his hands because he would drop the most open, catchable passes. You could almost see him cringing with the ball in the air and nobody around.

Ginn may be wearing a different uniform, but he looks to be the same player. After missing this easy touchdown pass from Drew Brees, Ginn is noticeably frustrated. It's not a frustration that says, "damn it, I just missed an easy one." This is more of a frustration we have seen before and one that signals Ginn struggles mentally with this reality that he has stone hands. One where he is saying, "damn it, not again!"

By Tony Dunn
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