Mel's Pick #41 Pewiew

I'm sure folks have been wondering where La'el Collins comes in on my Top 64 Prospects.  Well it is finally his turn at #41.   La’el has been on my radar for a long time.  As a matter of fact, I had him as my 13th Pick in my first DraftTek mock at the end of last year for the Panthers.  Great combination of a thick body, quick feet and long arms. There’s a lot to like, especially his run blocking and ability to block in space.

So why am I projecting him in Rd 2?  Where he falls short is balance. He is often seen stumbling or getting knocked off balance by speed rushers.  Could be asked to move inside to Guard, but I see him as an ROT for Panthers next to his old teammate Trai Turner.  But with the emergence of Mike Remmers, I'm not sure a projected ROT (at best) is worthy of First Round consideration.  Watch his tape tomorrow when my full list is released, then go back and watch my #7 Prospect in Ronnie Stanley.  The difference should be apparent.