10 Tackles in 21 Days: #8 Jeremiah Poutasi

C3 is taking a look at 10 Offensive Tackles that the Panthers could end up with on Draft Day.  This series will bring you 10 possible Tackles all over the next 21 days.  We will give you some little known information and some tape to check out.  Hopefully you will gain some insight into the prospects and can find a few that you fall in love with and root for.  

Before Draft Day we will also look at WRs, DBs, DTs, TEs and LBs but we start with OTs. Why?  Two reasons:  First, our LT ranked second to last in the League according to our friends at www.ProFootballFocus.com.

Yesterday we took a look at Donovan Smith and then we looked at Tyrus Thompson.  The next player I’m putting forward for you to get to know is a big Hog-Mollie out of Utah.

Jeremiah Poutasi     Utah        6’5        344 lbs

Two of the very best Panther players ever (In my opinion) came from the University of Utah. That would be Jordan Gross and Steve Smith (not to mention a current Panther-Star).  Perhaps our next great Olineman will come from there as well.

This young man is from my current place of residence, Las Vegas, NV.  He chose Utah over multiple other offers and started at Right Tackle as a True Freshman.  He has played in 35 of 37 games and the last two years has started at Left Tackle. In 2014, he played 846 and only gave up three sacks. He shows surprisingly quick feet for a 344-pounder.  That is a lot of In-and-Out Burgers.  

Look at his picture up top and you'll share my surprise that he is 344 lbs.  His weight is well distributed.  However he is not going be the athletic type of Tackle that gets out to the second level, but he will clear a running lane and will over power most any opponent.  He has a mean streak that I love, check out this amazing pancake click here.

Here’s a cool piece of information:  Former NFL Coach, Dennis Erickson is on the University of Utah’s Coaching staff.  He says that Poutasi has all the tools to be one of the best Tackles that he has ever coached.  That certainly is high praise coming from Erickson.  

I see him as a better version of current Panther Chris Scott.  Similar builds and background.  I believe Poutasi gets some time at RT and RG for whichever team takes him (I predict 4th Round).  And if the Panthers take him, he would be good depth and competition with Mike Remmers.  But would be a monster in goal-line situations.  I would be happy with this pick in the mid-rounds.

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