C3FF League Muhammed Week 8 Recap

By now, the middle of the FF season, the cream rises to the top. This week was no different as you'll start hearing some of the same names as you have in the past. Cam's Abdullah Oblongata led the C3FF Muhammed League. Cam's Noggin led at least one other time in the early going and it's not surprising to see them again now that they are 6-2. Check out the standings below:

And would ya look at that! Cam's Noggin leads his division! Imagine that! They only put up a 140-burger, duh! Let's take a look at the lineup that did it for Cam's Gourd:

Winning week 8 lineup

Some usual suspects these days...especially ticking me off is Todd Gurley's presence. Miss Atomic Bomb drafted him then inexplicably dropped him outright before the season actually began. Cam happened to be high up on the waiver priority and got a nice gift, no?

Cam had Cam, so the whole brain-possession thing looks to actually be valid. Gurley can't be stopped, apparently, by anybody. Same for Three Fingers (OBJ). Gronk & Gostko. Amari Cooper. Having one FFL team with this much production and talent on it should be illegal, and this is all after Eddie Lacy is having not a down year but a fantasy BUST year, or at least bordering on it. The one thing that's actually a bit humorous is Cam's Brain Stem would have put up a 150 burger if not for the Jets' defense contributing 5 points to the opposing team! Cheez-whiz!

I'll just be curious to see how far this particular team can go. There are at LEAST FIVE PLAYERS on this roster that can explode for 30+ FP on any given day!

That chip just ain't fair, but welcome to life in fantasy football....it is, in point of fact, not that much different from real life. It's hard, then your team dies.

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